Director William Johansson
Director William Johansson

The film maker: “I believe Boliden does this to intimidate others”

Documentary maker William Johansson Kalén is upset about Bolidens complaints against the lawyers of Arica Victims.

The documentary Arica recently premiered and the film deals with the lawsuit following Bolidens dumping of arsenic dust in the Chilean town Arica in the 1980’s. One of the filmmakers, William Johansson Kalén, claims Boliden has gone after the lawyers of the Arica-side and that this could have major consequences.

– You don’t come across these kinds of cases very often and it’s an incredible sacrifice the lawyers make by taking them on the terms that if win, they get paid and otherwise they get nothing.

It was through the documentary film that SVT (Swedish Television) initially received the information about Bolidens threats to sue the Arica-side lawyers.

Lawyers reported to Swedish Bar Association – feels threatened by letter

Boliden has reported the two Swedish lawyers of the Arica side, Johan Öberg and Göran Starkebo, to the Swedish Bar Association and also sent a missive, in which they reserve their right to sue them personally in the future.
Boliden deem that their complaint to the Swedish Bar Association is to examine whether the actions of the Arica-side lawyers are consistent with good case-law.

We’ve filed a complaint to the Swedish Bar Association and we are looking forward to receive their opinion in the matter. We have not yet made any further decisions, says Klas Nilsson, director of communications at Boliden.

Published at Svt Nyheter 24/11/2020. Edited 25/11/2020.

Translated by Zeb Holmberg.