The Swedish Cemetery

People in the affected area in Arica have painted a mural on the wall surrounding the toxic waste from Boliden.Women in Arica, affected by the Boliden waste, have made a beautiful film about it.

”Hello friends, I am Rodrigo Pino Vargas, engaged in the community in Arica affected by the toxic waste from Boliden. This short film, named “A Swedish cemetery in the Atacama Desert”, has been shared with me with the appeal for it to be widely spread and made available for free. It is a message from the women who demand justice for the damage caused by the heavy metals of the Swedish mining company Boliden, in several communities in the city of Arica. The short film is a tribute to women who continue to fight for justice and dignity, especially at times when all women in the world are commemorated internationally, and I believe that its dissemination will be a tremendous support to that cause. Warm regards Rodrigo Pino VargasForward this to your friends and family so that they can watch the video too.”