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Compensation for the affected!

The human rights organisation Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos Chile-Suecia, (National Commission for human rights Chile-Sweden), together with several organizations in Sweden and Europe, is now demanding that the authorities in Chile…


The 2019 Femen manifestation in Paris

In August 2019 two Femen-activists performed a manifestation outside the Swedish embassy in Paris.The message was ”toxicjustice” and they presented claims that Sweden shall take responsibility for Boliden’s toxic waste in Arica,…


Suing Goliath

Arica in campaign for Corporate Responsibility Swedwatch and the European Coalition for Corporate Justice launch a campaign for stricter EU-regulations for corporate responsibility. The goal is to make EU-law include: A corporate…


Sweden changes position in Arica case

In a debate in Swedish Parliament, the Swedish Minister of Environment suddenly changed the Swedish position towards supporting Chile in cleaning up the contaminated areas in Arica, Chile.  In a non-scripted part…